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Looking for advice re getting mod_xml2enc for Apache 2.4.39


I built and have been using the 2.4.39 version of Apache for a while, and
been reasonably happy with it. However, I am porting some web pages
that require mod_proxy_html which in turn requires mod_xml2enc.

The problems are that I can’t seem to find mod_xml2enc anywhere,
and my 2.4.39 build environment got toasted.

Need some advice - thread safe php module


I am porting some older web pages from Apache 2.4.6 to Apache 2.4.37 on Linux
and apparently need to find a thread-safe version of to use, since we're
running MPM.

* Does anyone know where I can download the apache thread safe php module?
* If not, can someone give me a clue about the configuration options I should use
to build a new version of PHP which contains the php module for Apache?

I have been unable to find a download for the php module, and building PHP is not
producing a php module either.


Jeffrey Cauhape - IT Professional III - Linux and Solaris

Simple file listing issue in browser, 2.2 vs 2.4


This is probably a simple issue, but so far I haven't found anything in the
doc that addresses this directly.

A user has pointed out that a listing of a directory on one system running
Apache 2.2.3 shows files with their details - mod time, file size, etc., while
a nearly identical set up (pathnames differ) on a system running Apache 2.4.29
shows only the file names with no other details.

The files ownership and permissions are the same.
Files are accessible in both cases.
Configuration info in the httpd.conf files are identical.

Question about configure not answered in documentation

I am guessing the answer to my question is probably "no", but I'm hoping
someone here has a silver bullet.

We are finally getting our act together and updating our Apache server instances.
Our chosen way to do this is as follows:

The /apps directory holds application software distributions, suche as

/apps/apache (this is a symbolic link to the current distribuiton)

We keep the DocumentRoot directory outside of the distribution tree because
when we want to update the server, we don't want to have to copy the HTML
and cgi file

Stupid question time - VirtualHost

My usage of Apache has been pretty plain vanilla, and now I am required to
add a virtual host to a system, and I'm wondering what doing wrong.

Which PCRE to use to build Apache 2.4.37?


I am building Apache 2.4.37 and it's been awhile since I built Apache, and in reading my instructions
it's not clear whether I need pcre-8.42 or pcre2-10.32 or both. Can someone throw me a bone and
explain this piece of it, or post a link that does?

Thanks for your time,

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