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Use RAII to manage QApplication memory

Per comments on phabricator, I'm duplicating that I sent a merge request here <a href="" title=""></a>

Contributing to KDE is hard because of its build architecture

Please, don't take it as a rant, because I got over my frustraction a
week ago, and just writing it in the hope to point out something that
other developers might not see.

I'm not using KDE myself (i3wm here), but 2 weeks ago I stepped into my
never-ending journey of trying to use KMail, failed it (of course,
filled bug-reports along the way), and then figured "Okay, I'm a
developer — why wouldn't I just go fix the app".

And then I got into a trouble: building KMail. I have most recent stable
KDE, but upstream KMail requires its dependencies to be also built from