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Postfix audit

Hi guys,

We're in an audit process here and this is giving us a headech.

Is there anyway to log the MTA to MTA transactions one per file?

For example, client requests to send a message, the MTA says OK, sends
the message and keep a log of the MTA to MTA transaction.

Thanks in advance.



Release from HOLD

Hi guys,

I had a failure in one of our postfix routines that sent all messages to HOLD.

Now, I'm trying to release from HOLD using 'postsuper -H ALL'.

The thing is that all messages are being deferred (mail transport unavailable).

So, is there a way to check current message transport and maybe move
to another one?

Thanks a lot.



Content filter - reijnect message back into queue

Hi there,

I'm trying to build my own content filter so I can actually filter outgoing
messages and take appropriated actions upon spam messages.

After some time I was able to make postfix send messages to the content

The documentation says that content_filter expects a "transport:maps"

The content_filter configuration parameter expects a value of the form