Postings by Mike Marchywka

cheap laptop suggestions that will boot to ubuntu without hassle

I had previously been concerned with booting from syslinux or grub with older computers
such as e-machines. This new Dell Precision with uefi seemed to work well with Ubuntu
installed by Dell so I never fiddled with it once determining that the USB sticks will
boot too ( Dell had originally been pushing kernels until efi partition filled up but it
looks like they fixed that much ).

using network printers, what non-cups things exist?

I spent most of yesterday trying to get an HP OfficeJet to print from 16.04
having had good luck previously using it and an older DeskJet as a scanner
with hp-scan. It turned out that
one problem was the cartridges- the color test page printed something
and then apparently the black and white text failed to print.
However, there were a lot of "failed filter" messages and using
lpr with raw output at least got a piece of paper to feed. I only
have a few peripherals at a time and print rarely. I don't
really need any of this stuff.

diagnosing problem with terminal emulator startup in openbox

I've been having pretty good luck running bionic beaver from my USB stick and wanted to
clean up the first hacked version so I reformated the stick and reloaded everything trying to
make a script of everything I did.

running bionic beaver from USB stick sometimes crashes requiring I pull the stick before rebooting.

I recentrly downloaded this version, ubuntu-18.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso ,
and got it to run on old e-machines with Sempron 3100 and about 750M RAM
using version 5.10 of syslinux ( the startup creator on my other Ubuntu install did not seem to work well
so I did everything by hand, I needed to keep hacking the assembly code to find the geometry checks
etc lol ). It runs great in single user mode and update/upgrade seemed to
go ok.