Postings by Brian C. Lane

I'm the new maintainer of pykickstart

Today we created a new, permanent, location for pykickstart:

<a href="" title=""></a>

And I've agreed to be the new maintainer. I've been involved with
Anaconda and pykickstart since I joined Red Hat in 2010 so this isn't a
new experience for me :)

My general philosophy for this is going to be "don't break it". I
consider pykickstart to be one of the best examples of how to write a
python library, especially one that has to support so many different
features and versions so I have no plans to make fundamental changes.

lorax 29.3 includes a new tool

This build of lorax had quite a bit of change, it includes a new tool
called lorax-composer which implements an API server for building disk

Lorax has changed groups on github: rhinstaller -> weldr

I've just completed moving Lorax over to the weldr group on
The new location is:

<a href="" title=""></a>
(github will forward you to the new location if you visit the
rhinstaller one)

All issues and PRs have be preserved in the move.

You can update git to point to the new location like so:

git remote set-url origin ... at github dot com:weldr/lorax.git

Docs are now hosted here:

<a href="" title=""></a>

(sadly github doesn't forward the old docs location to the new one)

If you have any problems, or find something I've forgotten to update
please let me know.

cone needs to be updated, here's a PR

When I built the new version of courier-unicode it broke cone, a cmdline
email client. I attempted to contact the owners before the change and
since with no response. I have no interest in being a maintainer of the
package so could someone with permissions merge this?

The latest upstream builds cleanly and appears to run in my light
testing. I've also added checking the gpg signature of the source.

Here's the PR:

<a href="" title=""></a>

Thanks, and have a happy holiday!

How should we handle gnupg v1.4.X as gpg1?

The time for change is finally, almost here :) Upstream is talking about
installing the v1.4 series as gpg1.

Packages up for grabs

In the spirit of the season I'm giving away packages :)

I am not using most of these anymore, so I'd like to send them off to a good home:

<a href="" title=""></a> All the python-* packages,
plus pylint, docker-anaconda-addon, bip, mx, and livecd-tools.

Let me know which ones you want and I'll give them to you, otherwise they'll be
orphaned by Friday.

Rawhide Anaconda has temporarily switched off translations

We're working on simplifying the build scripts for anaconda and have hit
a problem with msgfmt corrupting liveinst.desktop instead of reverting
the changes or leaving a broken build for the weekend I've done a new
build with translations disabled (anaconda-25.14-1) for right now.

lorax changes in 24.10

Just a heads up in case this goes pear shaped. lorax-24.10 has moved the
templates into a template directory under /usr/share/lorax/. This
shouldn't break anything, and provides for future customization of
boot.iso contents via custom templates.

Documentation is here -
<a href="" title=""></a>

courier-unicode and maildrop update for rawhide

I'll be updating these in rawhide only. The big change is that
courier-unicode has changed the library name to libcourier-unicode and
includes a couple extra header files. As far as I can tell the only
package that cares is maildrop, so this shouldn't be an issue.

pylint 1.5.1 update (and python-astroid-1.4.1)

I'm building these for rawhide finally. They mostly work, and add
support for python 3.5 (current builds were failing because python 3.4
went away so this is an improvement).

There's at least 1 obvious regression, the complaints about
gi.repository modules (Gtk, GLib, etc.) are back when I run it against
anaconda. I've tried figuring out what's missing, but all the patches
we were carrying made it upstream so I'm stumped.

So, in a few minutes we'll have working but buggy pylint.

Updating python-egenix-mx-base to v3.2.8

I realized today that I haven't updated it in quite a while, since it
was dropped as a pylint dependency it fell off my radar.

Lorax: LiveOS/squashfs.img moving to images/install.img in rawhide boot.iso/dvd's

With this Friday's build of Lorax (lorax-23.3-1) the location of the
stage2 image (the place where anaconda and the GUI live) will be moving
to images/install.img

This only effects boot.iso and dvd's built with pungi. Live spins will
continue to use LiveOS/squashfs.img

This shouldn't cause any problems, the anaconda dracut module already
looks for the stage2 in this location. This change makes it
consistent with the other image storage and with s390 which was already
using it.

Advice on naming a new library package - libunicode or courier-unicode?

I'm trying to get the new version of maildrop ready and they split out
unicode support into a new library. The name of their archive is
courier-unicode, but the actual name of the library installed is
libunicode. That's what I picked after looking at a few other libs. I
don't see any specific naming guidelines on this and I can see it going
either way.

package review can bee seen here:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Upstream project repository changes: lorax, isomd5sum, livecd-tools

I have just completed moving these projects over to github, all new
commits should go through there.

<a href="" title=""></a>
<a href="" title=""></a>
<a href="" title=""></a>

boot.iso rawhide weirdness

I've spent my day trying to sort out what the heck is going on here, but

I'll do a new build of lorax in a bit so that the nightly rawhide
compose will work tonight, but you may hit some problems.

With my locally built boot.iso I am seeing a variety of failures at
different points. There's not much point in listing them, they all seem
to amount to X, anaconda or metacity dropping dead. Sometimes with a bit
of log info and mostly without any.

Name change review for python-logilab-astng -> python-astroid

I'm trying to get pylint updated to the long awaited v1.0.0 release and
they went and renamed one of the dependent packages. A review would be

<a href="" title=""></a>

Packages for all of pylint on f19 are here:
<a href="" title=""></a>


Am I the only one who missed the election?

I just saw the Fedora election results, and was surprised to learn there
had been an election. After some digging I figured out what happened.

Robyn sends her announce emails to: announce@, devel-announce@,

I saw the nomination email and the election results email, but no
announcement of the elections being open.

This is because Ankur Sinha didn't send the announcement to the same set
of lists.

Anaconda 17.24-1 reverts to msdos disklabels for new installs

Back in Fedora 16 we tried to advance the state of the art. We switched
to using GPT disklabels by default, and in many cases this worked just
fine. But it has become increasingly obvious that the hardware isn't
ready for us. We continue to get reports of boot problems related to
BIOS that attempt to examine the disk before booting and GPT confuses
them -- even when we set the PMBR's boot flag.

So, for Fedora 17 we are going backwards and will wait for the world to
catch up.

GPT and Fedora 17

In Fedora 16 we changed to using GPT as the default disklabel for new
installs. In a few cases, mostly limited to Lenovo hardware, we found
that some BIOS's would not boot from GPT. We blacklisted Lenovo, falling
back to msdos labels in order to solve this.

Thanks to Matthew Garrett we found that switching on the boot flag of
the GPT's protective MBR these BIOS's would then boot from GPT. Matthew
wrote a patch for parted to allow controlling this flag using the
disk_set pmbr_boot command in parted.

Announcing - A new way to make live media with livemedia-creator

livemedia-creator is a new addition to the lorax project. Its goal is to
create live images using anaconda so that we have one place to maintain
the logic defining what an installed system should look like.

lorax-17.1 contains the first release which should be working well
enough for people to experiment with. See the README.livemedia-creator
for details and examples. The current version can be used to create
bootable disk images or to convert those images into a bootable .iso

Development disussion will be on the anaconda-devel-list, and bugs can
be filed against lorax.

gnupg 1.4.10 review request

I've created a 'new' src.rpm and .spec and submitted them for review at:

<a href="" title=""></a>

The current conflicts with gnupg2 are:

file /usr/bin/gpg-zip from install of gnupg-1.4.10-2.fc13.x86_64
conflicts with file from package gnupg2-2.0.14-2.fc13.x86_64

file /usr/bin/gpgsplit from install of gnupg-1.4.10-2.fc13.x86_64
conflicts with file from package gnupg2-2.0.14-2.fc13.x86_64

file /usr/share/man/man1/gpg-zip.1.gz from install of
gnupg-1.4.10-2.fc13.x86_64 conflicts with file from package

file /usr/share/man/man1/gpg.1.gz fr