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bypassing localhost as NoProxy within mod_proxy ProxyRemote

Hi all,
I am setting up an HTTP(s)_PROXY in *.conf at the side of httpd.conf and it works.
However, although I have tried NoProxy for localhost, it still tried to use the proxy for localhost:19000 and fails the request of course.
Please advise, here is the snippet of configuration relevant I think but please let me know any more info, versions are latest, apache httpd 2.4.37, is there a separate version for mod_proxy which I can provide?

ProxyRemote "*" "http://proxy:3128"
NoProxy "localhost" "" ""

Thank you very much,

Technical Leader

JWT could not be decrypted

Hi all,
We receive this error in the log file, "JWT could not be decrypted", and I give details below, we would need a bit of help to figure out the cause of the error.

In my understanding the IdP exposes an http endpoint called jwks where the set of keys and associated encryption types (symmetric or asymettric) and algorithms (e.g. RSA with SHA256).
Then when e.g.

Bad syntax for a remote proxy server (bad port number) - but ProxyRemote set to http://u:p@ip:3128

Hello everyone,

I have these directives in the httpd conf:
ProxyRemote "*" "http://u: ... at 138 dot 21.89.193:3128"
NoProxy "localhost" "" ""

At line 7 (with ProxyRemote) it gives:
AH00526: Syntax error on line 7 of /usr/local/apache2/conf.d/proxy.conf:
ProxyRemote: Bad syntax for a remote proxy server (bad port number)

The same happens when using:
ProxyRemote * <a href="http://u: ... at 138 dot 21.89.193:3128/" title="http://u: ... at 138 dot 21.89.193:3128/">http://u: ... at 138 dot 21.89.193:3128/</a>

However, if I remote the user:pass part it starts up.
Apache version: 2.4.37 (at least ssl module reports being compiled against http 2.4.37)

Please advice, what syntax