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Release rpkg-1.58 fedpkg-1.37

Hi all,

a new version rpkg-1.58 and fedpkg-1.37 is released.
Currently, Fedora 30 packages are in the stable repository, feel free to
try other waiting distributions in Bodhi.

Numerous features and improvements (as well as bugfixes) includes:

(For "rpkg")
- Improvements for scratch module builds
- Allow passing arguments to “mbs-manager build_module_locally”
- Remove the ability to parse a module’s branch
- Permit setting arbitrary rpm macros during build
- Ignore specific files in a cloned repository
- Pass specific arguments to “mock”
- Added “depth” argument to "git clone"
- Watch multip

Release fedpkg-1.36

Hi all,

a new version fedpkg-1.36 is released.

This is mostly a bugfix update with some improvements.

Release rpkg-1.57

Hi all,

a new version rpkg-1.57 is released.

This is mostly a bugfix update with improvements for building modules and

- Set configuration in case of "clone --branches" as well
- Send source mtime to dist-git
- Specify package manager for mock-config
- Add contributing guide
- Validate the module build optional argument when parsing the argument
- Add config options to parse the base module (e.g.