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custom mail forwarder/relay program?

I need a way for Postfix to listen to SMTP (think smarthost) and then re-send all emails via HTTP POST operation. Is the correct way to tackle this (aside from telling them to go to hell) a transport definition using Pipe(8)? I've never done this before and it doesn't appear to be a very common scenario. Otherwise I could write a small Perl program that is launched via inetd, that would do the same even though it wouldn't be very efficient.

SMTP_HELO_NAME can cause Blacklist triggers

I learned the hard way that if you don't set $myhostname to a FQDN you can quickly end up on a black list despite having valid SPF records.
The documentation is IMO insufficiently clear that $myhostname MUST be fully qualified and that Postfix will NOT tack on $mydomain if no 'dots' are detected.

Sure, this could be chalked up to "stupid admin error" but doesn't it make sense to either warn about a short $myhostname during server startup and/or add code to smtp_proto.c before calling smtp_chat_cmd(session, "EHLO %s", var_smtp_helo_name) that if 2 dots are not found in $myhostname to automatic