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Estimate the size of iso file based on a kickstart file

Hi all,

Given a kickstart file (flatten) and we intend to make an iso using
it, is there a tool or service by which we can estimate the size of
the final iso (based on the packages defined in the kickstart file)
before actually creating the iso?

Source files for generic-release

Hi all,

I am trying to build generic-release [1] with rpmbuild and I am not
sure where the source files (Source0, Source1 in spec) come from.

Is there a source tar for generic-release?

[1] <a href="" title=""></a>

Kalpa Welivitigoda

fsck error creating live cd


I was trying to build a live cd with livecd-creator and towards the
latter part of the process I encountered the following error,

Checking filesystem /var/tmp/imgcreate-230i9kyl/tmp-fjf6k6vu/ext3fs.img
resizing /var/tmp/imgcreate-230i9kyl/tmp-fjf6k6vu/ext3fs.img
Checking filesystem /var/tmp/imgcreate-230i9kyl/tmp-fjf6k6vu/ext3fs.img
Error creating Live CD : fsck after resize returned an error (1)!

I also tried with increasing the value of ,
part / --size
in kick start file, but still get the same error.

What should I do to overcome this error?

Live image booting issue with locally built anaconda


I am trying to build a live image (with livecd-creator) based on Fedora 26.
In doing so I patch a couple of packages (I maintain them in a local rpm
repository) including anaconda. However with the iso built with the patched
anaconda rpm, I don't see the GUI in booting. The screen goes blank after
sometime and the login screen doesn't appear.

Then I tried to build anaconda without any patches and still the result is
the same.

So I suspect the issue is with me building anaconda locally. What I did was,
1. I downloaded the srpm of anaconda with dnf

Failed to push updates to stable


I was trying to push an update to stable and received a mail with this
notification [1], anyone experienced a similar response recently,
seems the version comparison fails. Also wonder why fc24 update is
being tried to push to fc25.

[1] <a href="" title=""></a>

Updating to f23 beta from f22

Hi all,

How can I update to f23 beta from f22?

Clone all packages at once


Is it possible to clone all the packages I maintain/co-maintain in a single
command with fedpkg clone?

Bandwidth issue is fedora-review


I am willing to and already have done package reviews specially in sugar
activities. I am using fedora-review tool and there, mock needs to
download a number of packages which will add up to around 150-200 MB.
Those files will be downloaded each time that I run fedora-review. I have
limited bandwidth and the connection is a bit slow, that consumes a lot of

Is there anything that I can do to overcome this issue? May be to have a
cache of the packages that mock downloads or to have remote resources where
I can run fedora-review and download the output files?

Package version match with upstream in reviewing


It is compulsory that a package waiting to be reviewed, be submitted with
the latest version in upstream?

Review swap


I have three Sugar activities packaged and waiting to be reviewed.

sugar-fototoon: a cartoon creating activity
<a href="" title=""></a>

sugar-hello-world: a simple activity to print hello world
<a href="" title=""></a>

sugar-words: a multi lingual dictionary with speech synthesis
<a href="" title=""></a>

I look forward for a swap(s) for all of them or each one of them.

Review Swaps for sugar activities

Hi, I have packaged three sugar activities and I would like for review swaps.

sugar-nutrition: <a href="" title=""></a>
sugar-recall: <a href="" title=""></a>
sugar-locosugar: <a href="" title=""></a>

Review Swap


I would like for a review swap for the following packages. They are
sugar activities.

<a href="" title=""></a>
<a href="" title=""></a>

Seeking for a potential GSoC mentor for packaging related project


I am willing to participate at GSoC 2012 as a student and I have
proposed a project to sugar labs [1] to build a automated rpm
generating system. I named the project autorpmgen [2] which is
basically a system to automatically build rpms from the sugar
activities and keep them in a separate repo so that anyone with a rpm
based distro can add the repo and use the packages.

So I'm looking for a mentor who is familiar with packaging.

review swap for picolisp


There is a package that I'm willing for a review swap, picolisp - a
Lisp interpreter
<a href="" title=""></a>

Create a spin to aid students in education and to help them understand Linux and Fedora better


I'm Kalpa Pathum from Sri Lanka. I'm interested in the GSoC project
idea of Fedora Project with the title "Create a spin to aid students
in education and to help them understand Linux and Fedora better".
I've already submitted a proposal[1]. Any comment is highly

[1] <a href="" title=""></a>


openssl development libraries not found


I'm on F13 and I'm trying to compile a package from the source. The
package is delasa (<a href="" title=""></a>) and when I ./configure.

Making Fedora boot faster

Hi all,

I thought to make my Fedora system boot faster. For that I thought to
disable unnecessary kernel modules and services. So I want to know in
detail what each and every kernel module and service do so that I can
disable which are no needed. Can anyone here provide me with a
detailed documentation on the kernel modules and services?

GNOME is slow after preupgrade

Hi all,

My laptop is acer aspire 4736Z

I did a preupgrade from F12 to F13 recently. After that I notice a
significant delay of GNOME from the point I login and to the point
where it completes loading the desktop. Now (in F13) it takes about a
minute to the process whereas earlier it showed the desktop in less
than 10 seconds after I login.

Please help me to solve this issue.

Preupgrade is slow

hi all,

I'm trying to upgrade F12 to F13 and I'm using preupgrade-cli. Al
though my internet connection is capable to transfer around 50kB/s,
the preupgrade downloads files with around 20kB/s. Further it hangs a
long times after a file is downloaded to begin the next file

Re: How to compare two text files [SOLVED]

Thanks for all your help

The way of NoSpaz with grep worked fine.
g's method gave me a unique list but it also had rows from file B. I
want them excluded.

Anyway thanks for all.

How to compare two text files


I've got two text files containing email addresses one at a row. The
number of rows in one file is different from the number of the other
file. email addresses in one file is already there in the other file
(there are some more also). What I want to do is extract the list
which is not in the other file.


File A has 100 email addresses and file B has 15 email addresses. 15
email addresses in file B are already there in file A. I want to
extract the 85 mails (excluding the 15 from file B) from file A.

Any idea on how to accomplish this?