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Orphaning moby-engine (Docker)

I have orphaned moby-engine, the community Docker package in Fedora,
due to no longer working in a role where I can maintain it as part of
the job. If anyone wants to take it, it is up to date in F30 and
rawhide branches (F29 was not updated for compatibility since it
doesn't enable SELinux), but there is an open issue that should be
addressed before pushing new updates: Docker 18.09 and later
conflicts with runc and containerd since it dropped "docker-" prefixes
from its binaries.

Fedora Hurd Compilers

Fedora developers:

It's GNU's 30th birthday today, so I thought I'd upload a relevant
side project of mine: a package to cross-compile a GNU (Hurd)
operating system using Fedora.

<a href="" title=""></a>

No pre-compiled binaries are provided; everything is built from
(mostly) unpatched upstream sources. There are two main components to
the build process.

First: The Fedora development environment (sysroot and cross-tools)
is maintained in RPMs. Bootstrap the environment with the script.

Second: There are make files to build the GNU system.