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Knot DNS & Knot Resolver rebase in F30, F29


there's a rebase/update available for knot and knot-resolver packages.
Please note knot-resolver might require configuration changes, as
mentioned in Bodhi.

F30: <a href="" title=""></a>
F29: <a href="" title=""></a>

Feedback & karma is welcome, thanks!

Package Naming Guildelines for compat-lua packages

(This message is a copy for fedora-devel archival purposes, original
message was rejected by mailing list and was only sent to CCed maintainers)


there is no official package naming guideline for lua packages in Fedora

Similarly to python2/python3, there are two version of lua: lua and
compat-lua. There is currently inconsistency in the package names for
compat-lua packages. Example:

compat-lua-lpeg vs. lua-cqueues-compat

This makes it difficult to search for lua packages and preferably, there
should be just a single naming scheme.