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Fedora, Packaging, Java, and Shrooms


I'm thinking of switching to Fedora 30 Silverblue(once it comes out of beta
anyway) from Arch linux. One of the requirements is to be able to install,
compile from source and easily switch between JDK builds. However, Fedora
fails to meet these requirements so badly I'm fairly certain whoever
packaged and approved the various Java RPMs was on shrooms(partial offense,
sorry but this is nuts).

Confused? Never installed Java in Fedora before? Lets go down the rabbit
hole together!

Firstly, the java version installed by doing:

rpm-ostree install java

gets you Java 8.

Fedora 30 Beta Silverblue Feedback


I didn't see a Silverblue specific mailing list and Fedora 30 is a beta
so hopefully this is right. If it isn't, where is the appropriate place?

Firstly I'd like to just say that the idea behind Fedora Silverblue is
really amazing. My understanding it's more orientated for containers and
the like however even for general desktop usage it's incredibly useful
as a recovery mechanism from things like bad GPU driver installs.
Indeed, after a failed attempt to build the driver using a guide[1] I
was left with a broken system on reboot.