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postfix aliases not functioning with dovecot LDA; want to forward to command

I'm trying to use postforward[1] to use SRS on a small percentage of my
users to send their mail to their personal Gmail accounts. (Postforward
is specified as a command to run in /etc/mail/aliases.) I had this
working until I switched to using Dovecot's LMTP client as the LDA
(wanted sieve support).
I now get errors from Dovecot that indicate /etc/mail/aliases aren't
getting triggered.

Accept mail only from certain domains for one of many domains.

Hello all,

I have a some what convoluted setup that I'd like to make a
modification to, and was looking for some pointers.

The Long-winded situation:

I run a small host that servers as a mail server for multiple domains
(about 25).

Yahoo disconnecting at end of data on large messages.

One of our users sent a large (about 10MB) e-mail to Yahoo.