Are passwords with embedded spaces allowed using htdbm?

I can get htdbm to accept a cleartext password with spaces when using the
mode where I enter the password at the command line, e.g.,

htdbm -cB dbmfilename user

and the password is validated ok using

htdbm -vB dbmfilename user

but I can’t get it to work using the batch mode:

htdbm -cbB dbmfilename user passwordwithspaces

I have tried using single quotes around the password as well as backslashes
before the space without success.

I would love to be able to programmatically use passwords with spaces if
anyone can show me how to do it.


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Re: Are passwords with embedded spaces allowed usi

By Tom Browder at 06/09/2018 - 10:49

I’m sorry for the wasted bandwidth, but I proved myself wrong! I used a
bash script sussessfully but I wasn’t able to use Perl 6 successfully.

However, I was trying to use the Perl 6 “run” command whch didn’t work.
When I changed to the Perl 6 “shell” command, all worked well!

(The differences in the two commands includes how spaces are handled.
“run” was treating the password as two or more separate words. I could
have used “run” differently to overcome that and I will do so.)

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