Festina Lente - Nóirín Plunkett / Shirley

If you have ever read the httpd doccos, there are many people who
made them what they are, and are deserving of thanks. But today we
have lost one of the main and core talents behind them.

Nóirín was a bright light and a festive soul; they were talented
and humble, with a passion tempered by joy and love. Their life
had many highs, and some crushing lows, but Nóirín was always open
and listened to their heart.

I will miss Nóirín. We all will.


Re: Festina Lente - Nóirín Plunkett / Shirley

By William A. Rowe Jr. at 07/29/2015 - 18:57

Indeed, we all do, thank you for your thoughtful words, Jim.

You can find our community's page memorializing Nóirín's life and
and love for the at the ASF here;

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