how to put geodata into $_SERVER for php-fpm using proxy_fcgid

Hello List,

we use latest apache 2.4.39 and various php-version connected with

previously we used mod_fastcgi to bind php-fpm to apache.  Watching a
phpinfo() in this scenario offered also complete geodata section in
mod_geoip ist installed and mod_fastcgi put this into $_SERVER
Environment for phpfpm, so geodata was easys to use in scripts.

Now with new method using proxy_fcgid this geo-section is lost.  As an
alternative we could install geoip-extension for php. But this requires
changing scripts in standardsoftware, not possible for every user.
May be this is more a feature-request as an question.
Is it possible to add geodata from mod_geoip to Environment of php-fpm
connected by proxy_fcgid?