Jess Ragaza: Merry Christmas..

*and a Happy New Year!*

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*To return the favor of yours truly sister’s Aida and her husband Ron who
came to visit him twice within a span of only three
*, he is now enjoying their company for the Christmas holiday and is
presently staying at the **Americas Best Value Inn Hayward, **2460 Whipple
Road, Hayward, CA

He went ahead with his original plan to take the trains, but did not
bring the electric bicycle because the train stretches Los Angeles - Santa
Barbara and San Jose - Hayward are connected by a *bus link between Santa
Barbara and San
* which did not have a bicycle rack.

The train rides, the Metroliner from San Bernardino to Los Angeles then
Amtrak to Santa Barbara, on December 21, 2011 were super complete with wifi
and snacks. He has to ride on the lower level because of his very heavy
luggage: a backpack with the laptop and some reading material; and a

But the bus ride was horrible let alone the fact that it was the longest
from 10 P.M. to 4 A.M. (six hours!), with a lot of stops (reminiscent of
the New York City Subway local), no wifi, and no snack! We were all so
hungry that practically everybody went out of the bus at one of the last
few stops where there was a McDonald still open at around 3 in the morning;
It was freezing cold while they, including the bus driver, were waiting in
line to be served by the solitary personnel! The fresh salad, however, was
exquisitely heaven sent!

After a long wait at a train station in Hayward, completely open with no
walls and the wind making it much colder, his sister and her husband
finally came. It was insanely cold here that morning. Brrrrr!

A short lukewarm porridge (with chicken) snack at their house made this
trip started the sentiment and significance of this journey. Then they gave
him a ride to his *hotel.

So to set aside temporarily our extremely difficult and complex journey,
the mission of our online camaraderie, in addition to the holidays songs
offered in a previous essay, he is serenading all of you with

*Moonlight Serenade*<>

*Aspetta Te (I Wait for You),

*Buhat* <>(Filipino,
*Since ... my first glimpse of you)*

*Reiterating his respect for the passing of a friend in Union City, check *
*), but now to change the mood to start** appropriately **the coming
holiday season – ***

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*December 25, 2011*

*Jess Ragaza* <>
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