mod_proxy apj unstable behivel


First of all, I'm new here, if I'm doing some stupid thing please let me to

I have a tipical configuration like bellow.

IP A ( - Firewall - Apache - Firewall - Tomcat - DB

IP B (

I'm using apache 2.4 (httpd-2.4.6-67.el7.centos.6) and tomcat 8.0.50

I have an configuration on apache with SSL + two subdomains proxied to the
same tomcat context using AJP.

Usually the configuration work fine but I have an unstable problem,
sometimes, after service httpd restart, only one of subdomain doesn't work
returning 404 error, and if I restart it again it go back to work.

Sometimes access1 doesn't work, sometimes access2 doen't work, sometime both
works fine.

And this behavior occur always after restart and don't change before next

I tried to downgrade the httpd service (four different version) and the
problem still.

I tried to enable logging to trace5 and I couldn't get any relevant

I'm thinking that I'm doing some mistake in the configurations.

Thank you!



Re: mod_proxy apj unstable behivel

By Gryzli Bugbear at 03/13/2018 - 06:49

Hi ,

We had some similiar issues where we had 2 apache instances running on the same port. Have you checked your process list for running httpd processes after the issue happens ?