Proxy to Proxy to web servers

Good afternoon

I am looking to get a Proxy to Proxy to Web Server setup
There is a firewall between the two proxies. For the first proxy I setup a simple forwarding proxy that connects to the second proxy which is a reverse proxy with a load balancer that connects to the back end web servers.

I see in the logs that the first proxy is getting to the second in the logs, and I am getting the clean http code from the back end servers. I am not getting any of the style sheets and I have noticed that it looks like the alias is not working that have on the web servers that point to all these style sheets.

I want to do it this way because some user will enter the web site from the first and some from the second proxy

I guess my questions are

1) Can this be done?

2) Should I try a different method?

Any help or pointers would be great, thanks

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