Purpose of SSLOptions +StdEnvVars in a pass-through decrypting proxy

Greetings Gurus! :)

If my Apache 2.4 server is running mod_ssl and only responding with either cached content generated by back-end servers OR proxying requests on to the server farm that actually speaks PHP and SSI, is there any point in having the SSLOptions +StdEnvVars directive turned on for SSL traffic? My understanding of the SSL Environment Variables is that they're computationally expensive to generate AND that they're only locally significant (implying that none of this expensively generated data will be of any use to the back end server which ACTUALLY processes the CGI [in my case, SSI and PHP]). Am I missing anything here that I might need these environment variables generated for to either respond with cached data or pass the request on to the back end server? I see the default request log includes SSL_PROTOCOL and SSL_CIPHER, but the Custom Log Formats section of the mod_ssl documentation says "these formats even work without setting the StdEnvVars option of the SSLOptions directive", so that was the last area I thought I would need it for. It's probably not a MONUMENTAL hit generating these, but if I can avoid it, I'd like to. Anyone have any experience with this choice have any advice to offer?