reverse proxy wishlist

I put out a call on Twitter regarding this, but wanted to
close the loop here as well.

What would *you* like to see as new features or enhancements
w/ mod_proxy, esp reverse proxy. I was thinking about some
sort of active backend monitoring, utilizing watchdog, which
could also maybe, eventually, pull in performance and load
data for the backend for a more accurate LB provider. But
what about new LB methods? Any ideas there?



Re: reverse proxy wishlist

By Christian Georg at 12/08/2015 - 03:31

Hi Jim,

Here are a couple of suggestions, although I am not sure whether this is implemented in mod_proxy or one of the supporting modules.
- request routing based on custom headers and patterns. I am currently using conditional url rewrites but I think the matching would be more efficient and would reduce the amount of log files produced.
- additional info on outgoing connections within mod_status. I expected proxystatus full to do that but I am missing a connection view similar to the ones incoming
- I am also having issues with cooled backend connections, when using upstream ssl. So an ssl connection between proxy and backend. Seems like bug 37770 is not fixed for this scenario



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