Unreliable Fedora 26 installation using a kickstart file

Dear listers
I never had such an unreliable installation as the one for fedora 26. I
am a long time user of fedora (at least since 2003).

The HW here:
1. Workstation with two disks, each having its own fedora installation.
On each fedora bare-metal installation there is a fedora installation
under VirtualBox. All four installations are of MBR type.
2. Laptop with UEFI type installation.
There are 5 installations to be done.

My fedora installation:
I am an Xfce4 user, so i don't use any of the worksation spins of
fedora. I install fedora in the following way:

- write the Fedora-Server-netinst-x86_64-26-1.5.iso to an USB stick
- prepare a ks file on a local web for a minimal install
- boot from the USB stick with the ks file specified to the kernel
- run the installation
- dnf update
- dnf groupinstall "Xfce Desktop"
- dnf install sddm
- systemctl enable --force sddm
- reboot
- with the Xfce Desktop being activ install all needed packages and do
the final system setup

My problems:
During the download process, the installation broke down at different
- while downloading packet metadata (i.e. at the very beginning)
- while downloading group metadata
- while downloading the packages (mainly past 50 %)
Anaconda then showed a window saing that it could not download such and
such package, and that the failure was fatal. The only choice left was
Stop Install.
While this window was shown I tried to get into terminal mode
(CTRL-ALT-F2) to find a reason for the breakdown, but I couldn't find
any log.
Once, the download process went through successfully but then the
installation hung when Installing Boot-Loader. This was on the Laptop
with UEFI.

In about 30 to 35 retrials I finally could realize the 5 installations.

When searching around for work-arounds I found a discussion (in a blog?)
of the above problem, that the installation of fedora 26 becomes
unreliable when using a kickstart file. But no work-around was offered.



Re: Unreliable Fedora 26 installation using a kick

By Yehuda Katz at 08/11/2017 - 09:11

I think you might have the wrong list...

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