aquamail connecting to postfix


Does anyone have Android's aquamail app successfully connecting to a
Postfix server? If so, w hat settings did you use? I keep getting an
authentication denied error. I've tried for authentication choose
automatically, sasl plain, sasl login. For server security I've tried
ssl strict check, ssl accept any (both on port 465), and starttls
strict check and starttls accept any (port 587).



Re: aquamail connecting to postfix

By John at 02/11/2018 - 18:52

I have AquaMail working on a S7edge running Lineageos 14.1 (have had it
working on vanilla samsung touchwiz). My setting are:

* imap
o server:
o security type - SSL (strict check)
o server port: 993
o authentication:chose automatically
o login: xxxxx
o password:
o folder prefix: automatic

* smtp
o security type: Starttls(strict check)
o server port: 587
o authentication: choose automatically
o login:
o password:

this works for me

best of luck

john a

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