Email persisted in deferred queue


I tried to configure amavisd-new(as content filter) with my postfix. But it was failing so I reverted my changes from postfix

But now I can see 19 deferred mails and they are retried again and again and again put in to deferred queue.

Step where delivery fails is at amavisd end.

As I have disabled the amavisd, still I can see the emails failing by amavisd and they still can be observed in deferred queue. These mails seem to stuck in to some infinite loop, because every time amavisd parsing fails(probably some installation issue).

Is there any context also presisted with emails in deferred queue?
e.g. the last step which they failed while sending mails, and it is retried again and again.

Thanks in advance

Ashish Sharma


Re: Email persisted in deferred queue

By Duane Hill at 04/28/2010 - 13:31

Quoting "Sharma, Ashish" <ashish. ... at hp dot com>:

Sounds like you didn't:

postsuper -r ALL

after you reverted your changes. The messages have to have new queue
files created after you made the content filter adjustment.