Question regarding OpenDKIM milter with Postfix 3.1.0


I apologize for asking a question that is only tangentially related to Postfix, however the OpenDKIM mailing lists do not appear to be accessible.

I am using Postfix 3.1.0 and OpenDKIM 2.10.3. Upon reboot of my server, I noticed “normal” stats regarding caching (which I have enabled in opendkim.conf), in OpenDKIM:

May 14 20:10:45 server opendkim[1950]: cache: 0 queries, 0 hits (0%), 16 expired, 0 keys

..however, after a connection, I receive the following:

May 14 20:16:35 server opendkim[1950]: cache: 32563 queries, 1104666192 hits (94967%), 16 expired, 0 keys

I stopped and restarted OpenDKIM via systemd as I assume that would empty the in memory cache and any possible corruption, but a spurious number returns.

My questions are:

[1] Has anyone ever seen this happen ?

[2] Is there a persistent data store that stores stats and should be purged ?


- J


Re: Question regarding OpenDKIM milter with Postfix 3.1.0

By Andreas Schulze at 05/15/2018 - 11:19

Am 15.05.2018 um 02:40 schrieb J Doe:
yes, the OpenDKIM lists are unfortunately broken since a long time. I hope I could push the list admin to fix that.