Re: retry 5xx using a fallback outgoing IP

I'm sorry but I fail to understand what value is your acid question bringing to the conversation.

FWIW, Mathus, the remote side is simply printing a 5xx one line message "not accepted" banner instead of the expected welcome 220 banner, not giving any explanation to why, then closing the tcp session, without postfix even getting a chance to say HELO!

However, the topic of this thread is: Can postfix retry a failed message, by attempting to retransmit using a different outgoing IP address of the machine it's running on?

If I send a mail to the same destination using the old IP address, a regular smtp conversation takes place and email is accepted by the remote side!

Thank you


Re: retry 5xx using a fallback outgoing IP

By Wietse Venema at 08/10/2017 - 14:06

Mai Ling:
If the primary MX for a domain does not want to talk to you,
why are you ignoring the content of their response?