Re: Webmin with Postfix: recommended or not.

I agree but for a novice webmin helps. I use it with a text editor to follow wietse brilliant guidance. I am trying postfix administration on new server. It appears to have potential to allow domain  users to administer but I am on week three of setting it up 

I use both Webmin and Vim on my Postfix config files. On Debian Linux, if it matters.

Webmin's Postfix module saved my life when I was starting to learn the 'Net, and it's still quite useful when I want to do something fairly simple, but quickly.

But it's GUI pictures and Perl scripts (Webmin is painfully show on a Raspberry Pi) aren't capable of doing most of the things Wietse and his buds talk about on the mailing list -- that usually takes a text editor, some time, and some knowledge.