Regexp Postfix query doesn't stop at the first matching rule


I would be really thankful if someone could clarify it, please. It says the
following, "Postfix works as documented in regexp_table(5) and
pcre_table(5), i.e. each query stops at the first matching rule. Now the
following two rules are in conflict:

/^From:\s*assistant\@gmail\.com$/ REPLACE Subject: New Report.
/^Subject:\s*$/ REJECT Empty subjects fields are rejected.

I doesn't stop at the first matching rule where the subject is replaced.
Instead, it stops at the second matching rule where empty subject fields are
rejected. Thus, it causes trouble, instead of accepting mail from
<a href="mailto: ... at gmail dot com"> ... at gmail dot com</a> that is being sent with an empty subject field, it
rejects it as per the second rule. How do I make it stop at the first
matching rule? Would highly appreciate any pointers / suggestions /
assistance at all. Postfix 2.9.6. Many thanks!