RFC 5321 address quoting for policy delegation protocol


Is there a reason why Postfix omits quoting the localpart (when that
would normally be necessary according to RFC 5321) of sender and
recipient addresses passed to a policy delegation service (in this case
Dovecot quota-status)?

So for:

RCPT TO:<"John Doe">

the following line (among others) is sent to the policy service:

recipient=John <a href="mailto: ... at example dot com"> ... at example dot com</a>

Other example:

RCPT TO:<"user@detail">


recipient=user@ ... at example dot com

Summarizing, postfix uses invalid addresses (at least in terms of RFC
5321) when communicating with a policy delegation service (i.e.
check_policy_service acl) and I wonder whether it is a bug or whether
there might be some reason. As shown, the addresses were quoted
correctly in the original SMTP session, but Postfix drops the quotes and
passes the result to the policy service.