Signing-milter - What are exactly causing these "tampered" errors?

What exactly is wrong with my MIME?

Wietse and A Schulze says my MIME mail is not properly formatted, but in which way?

I did this now (look in, this milter is placed before signing-milter.
What it does, is take the whole mail and put into a loose MIME Parser, and then reencodes the mail according to strict
But something is still wrong.

(mimeparser also contains a hashcash calculator, but that shouldnt affect signing because topmost container headers aren’t signed in S/MIME)

I cannot exactly pinpoint which type of “broken” MIME Windows Live Mail produces, so I need some advice here. Also I can’t fix it at the source, since I cannot change how Windows Live Mail encodes mails.

Best regards, Sebastian Nielsen


Re: Signing-milter - What are exactly causing these "tampered" e

By Wietse Venema at 03/02/2015 - 21:47

Sebastian Nielsen:
Save a copy of the message before it is "fixed", after it is fixed,
after it is signed, and after it is delivered elsewhere, then look
at the differences.