t/s missing inbound mails with limited info

I've noticed I'm missing certain inbound emails addressed to me, the IT
support of sender is of limited help, as when I've asked for any rejection
notice or IP of sending server I was told "Please be informed that we
couldn't see failure/rejection notice from our end as we have received the
response from our transactional email provider which we are using in the

I was told 'we rectified the error', but, I don't think I'm getting these
emails, and, the sender is of no help with any info

looking at header of one email that I have received, they are using I'm concerned maybe I've misconfigured either postscreen or
something else ?

using this limited information, what's best way to search for refused
mails ? connections ? what else ? from ?

thnks, Voytek


Re: t/s missing inbound mails with limited info

By Dominic Raferd at 02/10/2018 - 00:48

On 10 February 2018 at 05:22, Voytek < ... at sbt dot> wrote:
This works for me - sed extracts messages relating to emails that we
rejected (including amavis blocks), then grep filters it for

# sed -n '/: reject: /p;/authentication failed/p;/TLS library
problem/{N;p};/) Blocked /p' /var/log/mail.log|grep amazonses
2018-02-03 15:15:07 timedicer postfix/cleanup[32600]: 03A9760425:
reject: header From: Jean Scene < ... at azfashion dot> from[];
from=<010201615c3c36a7-7098da16-0792-4206-9ca3-4edb6ec3a394- ... at bounce dot>
to=< ... at timedicer dot> proto=ESMTP
helo=<>: 5.7.1 message content
2018-02-05 16:20:35 timedicer amavis[27957]: (27957-02) Blocked SPAM
{DiscardedInbound,Quarantined}, []:56466 []
-> < ... at timedicer dot>, quarantine: spam-o_5QepgzL-9l,
Queue-ID: 925DE603C7, Message-ID:
mail_id: o_5QepgzL-9l, Hits: 5.505, size: 31884, 1592 ms